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The idea behind Grounded Not Rooted is one of acceptance, appreciation, and connection.

Many souls feel their happiest when traveling. The purpose of Grounded Not Rooted is to connect those individuals, sharing what’s most valuable to us: our stories and experiences. 

We are a travel community focused on staying centered, not still.



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Hello! My name is Allie Brown and I am the founder of Grounded Not Rooted. I’m a California native, with a tendency to quit my jobs to go wander the world. From spending months traveling through Asia, to living in Australia, and backpacking solo through Latin America.


I feel passionate about the importance of travel and value the impact it can have on one's person. Grounded Not Rooted is an online platform built to connect those individuals that feel the same. Its intention is to bring together the wanderers, to accept and celebrate those of whom are choosing a lifestyle outside of the "norm".

To those of who are grounded, not rooted.


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