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Aloha! Allie Brown here, I'm the face behind of Grounded Not Rooted. I grew up in San Diego, California. Although in recent years, I have spent more time outside of the United States than I have in it. Ever since university, I have developed a tendency to quit my jobs to go wander the world. I have traveled through Asia, lived in Australia, and just finished backpacking through Latin America. 

My desire for solo travel first started with my study abroad program called Semester at Sea. I lived on a ship, took a lap around the world, and had my entire perspective changed. SAS gave me a taste of nearly every continent and I began to understand just how large, colorful, and full-of-life this Earth is. Long stretches of days and weeks out at sea gave me an appreciation for the vastness of the ocean. I could finally conceive how the Earth’s surface is 71% ocean.


I made a promise to myself that after University, I would buy a one-way ticket to somewhere...anywhere, and go. I dreamt of it being alone and open-ended. I wanted to wander this world and to prove to myself that I was strong enough to do it on my own.


Two years after graduating from UCSD, I had worked hard at multiple jobs, saving, and after long consideration bought my one-way ticket to Thailand. There I backpacked Southeast Asia for 4 months before flying to Australia. I arrived in Australia, meeting two friends from Semester at Sea and 5 years later we had a reunion down under. (How cool is that!) I traveled around before settling down in Melbourne, Australia for about 9 months. After my time living and working in Melbourne, I began backpacking again. Seeing both the East and West Coast of Australia before flying back to Asia for a few months prior to making my way home.


Then, at the end of 2018, I embarked on another solo travel adventure through Latin America. I spent nine months wandering about; the majority of the time I spent in South America (about seven months) and the last two months I spent in Central. 



I feel passionate about the importance of traveling and value the impact it can have on one's person. I truly believe the world would be a better place if everyone chose to travel. It is humbling, eye-opening, and unlike material things, it is an experience you will always carry with you.


I have learned more about this world and myself while traveling than I ever did in a classroom. When I travel I am everything I strive to be at home. I am brave, outgoing, adventurous, patient, forgiving, and determined. I am my best self when I'm abroad. 

I came up with the concept of Grounded Not Rooted because as much as I love traveling, it can be isolating at times. Frequently, the biggest "culture shock" is coming home. Sometimes making it challenging to fit back in to place and reconnect with loved ones after a long period abroad.


This blog is a form of self-expression but most importantly, I want it to be a community for all those souls that are built to wander. For acceptance and celebration of those choosing a lifestyle outside of the “norm."

To those who are grounded, not rooted.

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