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Moments in Myanmar

There’s something pretty magical about exploring diverse places of worship. Some travelers say “If you’ve seen one temple, you’ve seen them all”. I couldn’t disagree more. I find each to have its own identity and that each evokes a different response both emotionally and physically. Some are packed-full of worshipers, tourists, dogs, and monks while others you are the only person wandering the grounds. Although I'm not a religious person, I have had spiritual moments in temples and churches all around the world. The time it took to construct, the care that goes into the upkeep, and the thousands of people that come to pray at these places of worship is something to be admired.

As an individual I hope to always be evolving and if we go into a situation with the mentality that it is going to be the same experience as the last, we rid ourselves of an opportunity to grow. I encourage you to go into each temple, conversation, and scenario assuming that you have something to learn.

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rick brown
rick brown
May 02, 2019

Love the great tips you provide!

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